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I have always been rather ambivilent about tumblr but I'm on there now.

Here it is if anyone wants to see it or you can click the link under my name.
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I'm a bit annoyed at the latest WTFery from DC and their nu52 mess of a reboot so it got me thinking about how if I'd been in charge.

First and foremost I'd have picked a date say three years from when I decided to reboot everything and let every current title tye up loose ends and get to a good stopping place. I'd then end every series with a flash forward epilogue showing a hopeful future. Not necessarily free of sadness and bittersweet moments but leaving long time fans with some semblence of hope that things will work otu for these characters that they loved.

Look at the end of Jones run on Green Lantern for an idea of how it could have gone but across the board.

Then instead of having a silly non sensical idea like Barry Allen screws over the universe I would simply start a new one with a total Reboot.

Totally new stuff not connected at all to the old. The old universe would be sitting aside perfectly safe in case we wanted/needed to pick things up again from the ending points before their epilogues but we had a whole new universe to play in.

You could have had things be genuinely exciting because you aren't hamstrung with bits of old continuity you decided to keep and shoe horn into a five year time line.
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I cannot find a movie that I know I bought.

Which means now I either have to keep tearing the house apart looking for it or give in and buy it again.

Which I really can't afford to do right now.

Yeah I know in the grand scheme of things it isn't a real problem but it is annoying this morning.

Found it not five mins after I posted this.
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I recently bought King Arthur and the Knights of Justice when it was on sale. I vaguely remembered it and loved the theme song.

However, now after watching it I am completely skeeved out by the fact that no one ever bothers to tell poor Guinevere that her husband has been replaced by a Football Quaterback. It makes every single interaction downright skeevy. Sure it's a kids cartoon so we are supposed to only assume that kiss on the cheek she gave the new Arthur was as far as physical affections went but as an adult I can't get it out of my head.

Especially all the times she comments on how her husband has changed for the better. It A makes the new Arthur skeevy as fuck and really makes you question what the other Arthur was like if this one is an improvement.
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I mean technically I've already written the 50K words but that was spread out over three nano projects instead of just one.

A lot of stuff keeps happening to either distract or worry me.
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I found a bulk detele utility and now my dreamwidth journal is clean adn I can go back to double posting.
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